All you need to Know about Wellness Core Dog Food

All you need to Know about Wellness Core Dog Food

Wellness core dog food is grain free and rich in essential nutrients from proteins, thus maintaining your dog’s health. Proteins in this food are availed from 5 different sources (chicken liver, turkey & chicken meal, deboned chicken and turkey). Compared to traditional dog food, wellness core replaces the grain products with 80% more meat, vitamins, minerals and low fat.

However, when searching online you are likely to come across Wellness core dog food and Wellness. The difference is Wellness is a naturally healthy dog food containing whole grains such as rice and rye while the former is a grain free dry dog food. 

The Wellness Core for Puppies

As a grain free feed, Wellness Core is the best option for puppies. Pets thrive well on a diet that is primarily meat and vitamins, no fillers – zero grain. This ancestry allegory supports majority dog food formulas and recipes. Therefore, grain free diet isfavorable to your puppy considering that complex carbohydrates are harmful to the health of your dog.   

Dog food manufactures are using complex carbs such as starch and fiber to reduce the prize of the product. This in turn affects the health of your pooch because their metabolism responds slowly to the digestion of carbohydrates. If your puppy loves carbohydrates look for fructose and lactose supplement, they require little or no digestion. Wellness core benefits your puppy in the following ways:

  • The grain free factor assures there are optimal calories.
  • Presence of omega 3 fatty acids in the proteins helps maintain a quality skin and overall health of your pet.
  • Calcium and phosphorous present in the fodder is crucial in the growth and development of bones and teeth.

The Product Line

The Wellness core product line, run by Wellpet LLC, it’s safe to say that is the major player in the dog’s food industry.  They do have a wide range of products in the market that has garnered hundreds of positive feedback from gratified clients.

Therefore, this product line is somewhat not suitable for a typical budget. Their products are expensive, but they boast lots of redeemable features, thus a premium-grade choice for your pet. The high price is because it focuses mainly on using high quantities of real protein, eliminating artificial additives, flavors, food colors and other low grade filters

Specifically, the products focus on using a high quantity of real protein, without the use of any bulk or low-grade fillers. Importantly, you won’t find any meat by-products or artificial additives in these products, which quickly sets them apart from many cheaper dog food brands straight away. Therefore, if a dog is allergic, Wellness core dog food is a top notch premium-grade product appropriate for your pup.

Some of the best Wellness core products include: the natural core dry dog food, the natural senior formula, wellness core natural small breed formula, natural large breed formula, natural puppy formula and the natural wet dog food formula all availed at local retail stores as well as online outlets.

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