Facts about Best Grain Free Dog Foods

Facts about Best Grain Free Dog Foods

The primary reason why a dog is often recommended for companion and not humans is because it helps you feel less stressed. Research shows that a dog has the ability to detect cancer, thus confers tons of benefits to your well-being. However, these abilities do not come easily; you ought to feed it with essential nutrients. Note that, depending on the size and nature of your dog’s attitude, their nutritional requirements differ. Thus, find the best grain free dog foods that are rich in macro and micronutrients. Grain free food for pups has to embrace the following to be completely healthy.

  • Calcium – if you are buying grain food for a puppy, ratios 1:1 to 1:1:8 is the best larger breed puppies since it allows the bones to develop strongly thanks to the phosphorous ratio. 
  • Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA) – sourced mainly from salmon oil, DHA leads to a healthy and glossy skin coat. Additionally, omega 3 supports proper visioning and brain development.
  • Calories – depending on the size of your breed, feed your puppy tolerable amount of calories. Some puppies grow fast and are more active. However, the larger breed gradually develops thus afford them fewer calories for steady growth.

Major manufactures of best grain free dog foods argue that their counterpart competitors tend to contain the bulk amount of whole grain in their provisions. The difference is a pound of wheat is cheaper that similar ratio of meat. The grains are flavored to taste like beef and chicken that’s why your pup eats the product in bulk.

Contrary to that, grain free dog food formulas encompass higher ratios of nutrients and essential minerals better suited for your dog’s digestive system. It’s without doubt a benefiting diet for your pooch which eats small portions for overall health benefits. The protein rich diets prevent aging, obesity and diseases. If your pup is overweight, this program will help reduce weight.

Dogs are canines/carnivores and scavengers by nature. They are not suited to eating wheat or rice. In fact, in the wild, there main source of nutrients is from eating herbivorous intestinal contents. Thus feed it with nutritious essential and all will be well.   

What are the signs that your pooch is suffering from whole grain allergies? Statics show that only 10% of dogs suffer from food allergies. These are the main symptoms that your pup is a victim: dry skin, hair loss, skin rashes, obsessive licking and scratching. If you suspect any of the mentioned suffering in your dog, take it to a vet for evaluations.


Changing the diet of your pup to grain free meals has long term benefits. Do not wait for allergic reaction symptoms and obesity signs before the taking necessary action, especially if you are dealing with a puppy.High protein meals are vital in their steady growth and development. Changing the diet should be a gradual process to ensure it does not suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. There are plentiful varieties of healthy foods for your pooch. Hopefully this article has guided you the right way.

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