The Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever

The Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a popular breed among various American homeowners. Known for its friendly yet cunning appeal, the incredibly smart dog loves the surrounding of kids, adults and other animals. It lacks a specific dietary requirement and that’s why you are looking for the best food for theGolden Retrieverclass.

There are certain dog foods that are specifically made for Golden Retriever and comprises of brown rice as the main ingredient. Additionally, it comprises of Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of EPA and DHA crucial for brain growth, skin development, strengthening bones, and improving lung and bone functions. The subsequent are the best dog food for Golden Retriever 2019.

  1. Blue Buffalo

Also known as blue buffalo wilderness, this is a dry food for the Golden Retriever puppy, rich in chicken nutrients. Its grain free andsupplemented with a deboned chicken and fish meal, ideal for puppies owing to the supplement fatty acids crucial for cognitive and retinal development.

Note: there are wet and dry foods for dogs. 

  • The Royal Canin

This is a dry food for aGolden Retriever puppy owed to the presence of kibbles (it comprises of different ingredients such as: vegetables, oil, meat, blinders and grains). The best aspect of this food is that its texture and formula are specifically aimedat matching your puppy’s needs.Consequently, feed it to the puppy from week 8 to 15 months. After that they are ready for richer food for older pups.

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness (for adult dogs)

Your Golden Retriever should not put on too much weight. This is why you need blue buffalo. It contains high protein, nutrients and low carbohydrates. The proteins are sourced from turkey meal and chicken.  Low carbs on the other hand is in its best form, thus less harmful and it’s from potatoes and oatmeal. Moreover, presence of cranberries, carrots and blueberry fruits in the food provides great antioxidants.

  • Natural Balance 

This is the best dog food for Golden Retriever,particularly if it’s allergic to certain foods that you are not aware of. Therefore, it acts as an elimination process, doing away with harmful food, replacing it with natural balance diet. With sweet potato which is low carbohydrate that’s easily digestible and fish meal contain Menhaden and salmon, natural balance also includes minerals and vitamin supplements.

  • Merrick Grain Free

This is probably the best food of 2019. Its sweat and tastes like buffalo meat,since the main ingredient is de-boned buffalo meat. If your dog has grain intolerance, and since this food is 70% meat protein, you have your answer. Additionally, minerals and vitamins are a plus toting in this recipe. The ingredient present in this food develops strong and healthy joints.

Overhead are the best food for Golden Retriever 2019; however, there are other healthy feeds and it’s advisable to consult with a vet before changing the dog’s diet. If you have already initiated the change, when you notice diarrhea and poor appetite, among other signs consult a vet immediately.

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