Why you need the Best Dog Food for Weight loss

Why you need the Best Dog Food for Weight loss

Owning a dog comes with the responsibility of keeping it fit and healthy. It’s not easy since a lot of factors such as its age, gender, and surrounding environment among others is considered.  For instance, a German shepherd (Police dog and military dog) require different health and fitness routines and it’s quite expensive. Therefore, if you get the best dog foods for weight loss buy and consult with pet nutritionist prior to any proceedings. Overweight puts you pooch at risk of suffering from arthritis, diabetes and heart diseases among others health complication.

Generally, according to practitioners, 1 pound requires 25-30 calories a day.  Therefore, if your dog weighs 30 pounds, that’s 800 calories a day. Use this figures and the following best dog food for weight loss to help your best friend loss excess weight. 

  1. Canidae

This is the best grain free weight loss diet for your pup. It includes diverse diet options such as grain free essentials, limited ingredients and ancestry diet supplements. Limited ingredient is beneficial in weight loss because it’s easy to digest, thus ideal for overweight dogs with sensitive stomach.

  • FreshPet

This is a wet weight loss diet plan that eliminates preservatives, flavors and artificial colors. However, not all dogs are fond of dry foods, some prefer wet meal options. Therefore, the best part of this product is its website which offers a formula tool where potential clients key in details about their poochpresent weight and age, thus matched with the right grain free vital formulas.

  • Blue Buffalo

Are you looking for the best dog food for weight loss that specifically focuses on calories reduction? Buffalo Blue calorie content is the lowest among all diet formulas. Absence of additives, flavors, meat by-products and artificial colors is its key selling point.

But how will you tell if your dog is overweight? Dog owners use body condition score similar to the human BMI in determining weight for their dogs by checking the middle score. Additionally, if you touch the pooch you should feel its ribs, also, you ought to distinguish its chest and stomach. Moreover, overweight dogs move slower, have difficulties breathing and are fond of oversleeping. 

Carbohydrate and Dogs

The reason why you do not need carbohydrates for your dog weight loss program is because they are fillers. Many argue that’s it’s the main source of energy for you German shepherd which by far is the most hardworking dog. That is partly true because your dog can obtain all essential in carbs from proteins and fats. Carbs can hurt your dog because their slow digestion process causes irritation. What’s more, it reduces the efficiency of your dog’s metabolism process thus lowering the immune system functions.

Therefore, when you are looking for weight loss food for your pooch, vet nutritionists recommend that you buy foods that do not include carbohydrate ingredients. However, some include 10 percent and less easy to digest carbs best dog food for weight loss.

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